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2011-09-23 13:29:14 by Jethrotex

So, I voice act, that's the theory, whether I can put it into practice is a different story.

I voiced Xero in Xionic Madness 4, I honestly don't think I did the best I could do, I do have a hard time keeping my voice at a higher pitch than usual, especially when screaming. But there were still a good number of lines I was proud of.

I still do hope to do a lot more voicing work here and on other websites, hopefully improving and getting a lot of practice. I really haven't shown too much of what I can do, but, if you would like me to voice for something you could message me here or preferably on YouTube.


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2011-09-24 12:11:37

sweet your voice rocket dude

Jethrotex responds:

Well thank you :)


2011-12-22 01:23:56

hey do you think i could voice act in xionic madness 4 part 3 i may be a teen but im sure my voice could do somthing


2012-08-10 16:50:45

I liked your voice, although I honestly felt that some parts lacked... the emotions I would expect from the character.

Most of what you did was good, but some parts, for example when Omega "Broke your ribs", I didn't hear any pain in the line.

Anyways, keep improving and voice acting. I seem to be the only one finding a problem, so you must be doing a good job ;P

(Updated ) Jethrotex responds:

I find the same problems, I very much agree with you in all of the parts of Xionic Madness. This was voiced much before I started to "emerge" from my shell and by that I mean I started to become a lot less shy. Xionico is an amazing animator and it takes time to do this, I think parts of this have been voiced from Decemeber 2010 up until Summer 2011.

The voice I was doing was not one I was very much accustomed to so it was a little hard to keep the emotion and the voice, I didn't have too much practice and was the first time I ever used it. If you see my audition for the role, it is completely different, in a bad way :P But then I started to practice it, getting the voice to a better state, but the emotion still lacked a bit.

One example out of my head was the line "Just kidding." I wasn't entirely certain of the context, and when I saw the clip, I knew exact how to say it. It's a bit hard when I guess the emotion wrong is some situations.

I know I have a long way to go before I can really achieve what I hope to, and with the lack of time I have for recording due to parents being around, I cannot truly immerse myself in voicing as much as I long to.

I probably forgot some stuff to say, but thanks for the comment, I'm glad you still enjoyed it :)


2012-12-14 19:28:35

My favourite line of yours is in Xionic Madness 4 part 1 before the fighting starts "Well the little bitch is needy, any plans?" just comical
I think your voice acting in XM was really good and the attitude and emotion was spot on, but you seemed to rush through the lines a bit too much sometimes, it gave me the impression you were focusing too much on saying the words but that would be understandable if you weren't able to watch the video as you voiced over.
Best advise I can give is to keep practising. Maybe watch a movie muted with subtitles and and record yourself reading over the movie lines? You could listen back later and make notes of what was good/ bad.
Either way you were great as Xero and I'm sure that's not the last we'll be hearing of you...
All the best for the future dude!

Jethrotex responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm glad to hear you liked it :)


2013-02-12 17:43:14

you did a good jodb voice acting but im being mean im just saying I liked the guy I xionic 3 better


2016-08-05 17:30:20

I just wonder if there are any other videos like xionic that you voice acted.